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Hello, I'm Kyle

My dad introduced me to the automotive world before I could even walk and talk. I’m a passionate racing fan and fascinated by cars. I see cars differently than most people. To me, they’re not just a vessel that gets you from A to B. No, they are more than just that. They’re an art form, a rocket ship, and on occasion an overpriced stress ball.

My work reflects the vision I have of cars. I see more than just a basic logo, mailer, or website. I see groups of unique individuals behind them that are trying to stand out from the crowd. I will never deliver you a recycled design like some car manufacturers do. Though, if you do happen to have one, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a little modification to fit your needs.

I have a multitude of skills and talents. Cooking is not one of them, though I do make a mean fried egg sandwich. If you’re looking for a cook to make fried egg sandwiches, please contact me. Otherwise, if you need a graphic designer, web designer, or front-end developer, I’m your man!

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