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Business Cards

I love collecting business cards, as well as designing them. I not only wanted my business card to have the Kyle Erwin brand, but also something someone would want to collect.

I refined many concepts before landing on the design you see in front of you. I approached the design with a basic mindset. I wanted potential clients to be informed quickly of who I am, what I do, and where to find me. Although this minimalistic approach creates a sharp, clean business card, it was not a design I could see a client selecting from a pile of other business cards. I needed something to compliment the design.

Enter MOO and their Luxe business card. If you haven’t heard of MOO, they’re a thriving print company and one of the top online printers of business cards. Luxe is essentially three layers of Mohawk Superfine paper combined together to create an ultra-thick business card. Working with Superfine in the past, I knew I could get a subtle texture on the surface of the card to humble the design and make it more welcoming. To add the icing on the cake, Luxe provides a selection of colors that can be added to the middle layer of the card, which creates a sharp color along the seam. I added a profound blue accent around the edge of the card, which sheds new light on the design.

I could not be more pleased with card, and the design itself. It definitely represents Kyle Erwin. I was also blown away by MOO. They impressed me with their printing quality, affordability, and, most of all, presentation. I will surely be using them in the future.


June 2015