Hurricane Jersey

Hurricane is a Republic of Korea Ultimate Frisbee (ROKU) team based out of Daegu, South Korea.

The Hurricane jersey was constructed around the logo, which was the focal element of the jersey along with the number on the back. It went through many revisions before landing on the design you see here.

The first designs were intended for shirts with sleeves, however, that changed due to cost restrictions and a sleeveless shirt design was created. The sponsors were moved to the back and the 대구 (Daegu) text was moved to the front. The wave pattern was replaced with a pattern that consists of the four trigrams found within the Korean flag. This added more of a Korean aspect to the jersey. To give a little extra love to the team captain and assistant captain, a “C” and an “A” were placed on the front of the jersey.

I learned many new things with this project and had many firsts. For instance, this is the first project I created a font from scratch to correlate with the logo. I hope to continue designing ROKU jersey’s in the future as this project has opened that door.


August 2015


Daegu Hurricane