Narwhals Jersey

Narwhals is a Republic of Korea Ultimate Frisbee (ROKU) team based out of Ulsan, South Korea.

After the completion of the Hurricane Jersey, I was asked to design another ROKU jersey for the Ulsan Narwhals. The team had a rough idea of what they wanted for a design, with an overall theme consisting of some dark humor.

The first design consisted of a white wave pattern instead of black. However, we found out later in the design phase that ROKU has rules stating only one of the teams in the league can have a predominantly white jersey. So, it was changed to black, which I was slightly hesitant about due to the blood-red Narwhals lettering. Though, I am pleased with the outcome.

With the dark humor concept in mind, I immediately began sketching ideas for the “Narwhals” font. I wanted a cartoon-like feel with bubbly, shiny letters, but with a bloody twist. To add more details to the chest, I added the players number on the left breast for officials to see clearly. I also added a “C” and “A” on the right breast for the team’s captain and assistant captain, much like the Hurricane jersey.

The team liked the idea of a happy, cartoonish narwhal sporting some blood on the tip of his horn. I liked this idea as well, as it added to the theme of the jersey. I re-drew the narwhal they supplied and wrapped him around the side of the jersey, so his tail would be visible on the back. I placed him in a wavy sea, also with a cartoonish look, and added a thick, bloody mess to the tip of his horn. Needless to say, the dark side of the Narwhals was achieved!

I loved designing this jersey. The team gave me a direction and let me have the reins, and I didn’t look back. This kind of playful, cartoon-like design is not my specialty, although I may make it one in my future projects.


August 2015


Ulsan Narwhals