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Steak Shop Catering Website

Steak Shop Catering is a catering business located in Winona, MN. They are the largest catering company in southeastern Minnesota and growing.

This was my first major website design for a client. I not only had to design the site, but also redesign all of their menus, as they did not have a solid branding scheme established. Customers would be able to view Steak Shop’s menus and services through the site. The customer could also download menus from the site.

Steak Shop expressed that they received several orders through the phone that took up precious employee time. They wanted to utilize the website to take orders and streamline the process. Thus, I developed a simple contact form based on the feedback provided by Steak Shop Catering. This was another first for me, as I had never used a server-side scripting language such as PHP before. This proved challenging, but in the end the contact form was an overall success and I gained a little PHP knowledge in the process.


December 2011


Steak Shop Catering